Winter is approaching fast

Fall is over and the cool air is coming in fast.  We have had several freezing nights and then by afternoon it is sweater weather again.  Now, I will have say that I have gotten use to the cool air so it may be a little bit warmer to me than you.  

The wooly worm predicted a colder winter this year than we had in 22/23. So ski season will be wonderful and a time to see snow.  Speaking of the wooly worm festival, this year there were over 25,000 people, 21 states represented, 6 different countries that came to Banner Elk. The final monies that were made have not been available as they are still collecting the data.  It really is amazing that this event can bring in so many people.  This year CBS covered the event and then one of the movie stars heard about it and wants to air it next year.  We are on the map folks…

Now the community is gearing up for Christmas as the Parade and Christmas Weekend is not far off.  It is always the 1st weekend in December.  This little town becomes a mini Hallmark.. lighting  of the Christmas tree with carols sung and hot chocolate and cookies for all.  I love that night as it brings the children and the townspeople together to start the season.  I still think it is one of the nicest places to be in December as the lights are beautiful fun fills the air.  It kicks off with the night time Christmas parade and the Mayor leading the way to the Park to ride on the train to see the lights.  It is just magical for the children with all of the animals lit up on the train ride around the park.  I will say, I enjoy the train ride myself.

Come and see us in Banner Elk and the Lodge at River Run

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