Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024

As 2023 came to a close, I took time to reflect on all the guests that came to the lodge this past year.  Each and every one of you became a part of my soul as I loved getting to know you.  All of you have a story to tell and how blessed I am to be able to hear about your lives.  You keep my life exciting as your adventures and the places you have been are fascinating.  Unfortunately, there are always sad stories, but hearing how you made it through is an encouragement to others as well.

We had a wonderful experience here this past year.  A Christian film was made here and I was very interested in seeing how it was going to be made.  They filmed here and in Florida.  I loved the old Volkswagen Beetle truck they carried around in a big truck till they got ready to film. It couldn’t go up and down the mountains so they took it out when they needed it for a scene.  One of the men that filmed also does The Chosen, one does Hallmark and one major motion pictures.  The cast was wonderful and some of them were trained to help others with their struggles in life.

I also feel that we are so fortunate to have restaurants that support us.  For those that forget they needed to make reservations, Stonewalls, Americana and Sorrento’s  help us out.  This is still a small community at heart but we are busting at the seams with new people visiting the area.  

The Bayou has been bought out and so there will be a more casual place for people to go.  Cant wait to see what goes in there.  Also, we have two restaurants coming…. more about all that later.

The slopes are now full of skiers and I am sure they will be bursting at the seams in January. Snow is falling and so we have happy people that love to ice skate, ski and sled. 

Have a Happy New Year…. Come and see us soon to make memories for you and for me…



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