Art on the Green in Banner Elk

Art on the Green will be back this Memorial Day weekend with local and regional artists.  They represent a variety of media, such as metal, glass ceramics, wood, acrylics and oil. Come out and enjoy the day, starting Saturday 9:00am-4pm.  It will be the perfect time to experience the area.

The mountains are beautiful now!!  You not only see the color of the  rhododendrons but all of the new plants and flowers that are in Banner Elk and the surrounding areas. The hostas that grows in the mountains always amazes me as they are so lush.  I think the weather here is perfect for them. The birds are chirping, the hummingbirds are coming to the feeders, the deer are out, and so are the BEARS!  This year people  are seeing more bears around and they don’t seem to be afraid of humans.   I have not seen them here at the Lodge,  but in other neighborhoods  they see them climbing in the trees or crossing the street with cubs. I would love to see them, but at a distance…

Many of you have asked me to make a cook book.  I  decided I will start posting recipes for the summer.   My daughter gave me a great recipe that everyone liked at the Lodge so I will share it with you in my next post.

 Let us all remember and honor people who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces this Memorial day.  

As for the weekend,  I will be going to the craft fair and enjoying the beauty of the mountains.  I hope you will come soon and enjoy what this area has to offer.

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