October is great month in the mountains

October always brings the cooler weather and the changing of the colors of the leaves on the trees.  For those that have never seen it, you should come and see what the mountains of North Carolina looks like.  It is truly spectacular!!  

The apples are abundant and you can buy them in any fruit stand, grocery store and orchard.  This year they have the true golden delicious apple.  The trees will only reach about 8 feet in height and width.   This is the 3rd year they have been planted in the area.  This apple was discovered in by a West Virginian farmer at the end of the 19th century.  Usually when bought in the grocery store they are picked when green but when allowed to ripen to a golden green color on the tree the true flavor is revealed. They say they are exceptionally sweet and rich like eating raw sugar cane.    They will ripen in mid October in Avery County and will store very well in a cellar or refrigerator through the winter months.  Come and try these apples new to this area.  

The Wooly Worm festival is in October also.  This is a great craft fair and also has the famous wooly worm race.  The money benefits the children of Avery County.  I will have to say, there is nothing like watching adults and children yelling and clapping at a worm crawling up a rope. Children find wooly worms on the street and in the yard and sell them to the Chamber of Commerce who in turn sell them to you.  Of course you know that your worm may give you a $500-$1000.00 reward if you win the big race and it will also determine the weather. Legend us, your worm is able to tell you how many weeks there will be of winter.  Who would want to miss this event????  There is also a craft fair in Valle Crusis the same day so traffic is a little crazy because you will want to go to both of these events.  Fun is had by all, whether you are a shopper or race in the wooly worm contest. 

Fishing starts back for those that love to fly fish.  The waters are becoming cooler and the fish will not mind coming to surface.  I have learned that they go deep because they like the cold water.  We have fishing in the river behind the lodge so come and throw your line and see what you can catch.    The guides  we have can take you to private waters and we will be glad to arrange that for you.  

I hope to see you at the Lodge.  You know what we say… “You come as a stranger but leave a friend.


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