What a blizzard we had a few weeks ago in Banner Elk!  It snowed 20″ and I didn’t think it would ever end.  Needless to say, the guests got snowed in and there was no way to leave for days but they made the most of it.  You couldn’t get close to the ski slopes so as the days went by they decided to ski down the driveway.  The snow was not a wet snow so it was just powder.  They built snow men and even sledded down the drive so all had a good time.  If I had thought about it, I would have made snow cream.  

It got really cold, so they all came inside for a bowl of chili.  It really was a lot of fun.  I even played games and enjoyed the guests that were staying. By day four, it was time to go home. Some said they came knowing we were going to have a blizzard for the experience.  Needless to say, I think it was more than they realized and it would be there once in a life time experiencing a blizzard.  By the way, they never could get up to the slopes!

If that wasn’t enough snow, we had it again last weekend but they were not snowed in.  Those that had 4 wheel drive, it was a breeze.  It really is smart when coming to the snow to drive a car that you won’t have any problems getting around.  

The guest the last few days, have loved all the snow on the ground and have spent their nights and days skiing.  This seems to be a good year for outdoor activities.  The snowboarding and tubing has been very popular.  Whatever you do, make your reservations before you come or there is a chance you won’t be able to take advantage of the slopes.  Beech and Sugar stay booked as well as Hawkesnest to tube.  

Come and enjoy our winter wonderland this year.  Have a cup of hot chocolate and sit by the fire with us.


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