Winter is almost over….maybe

I saw this little story and wanted to share it with you so you would understand what is like in the mountains this time of year… a lesson I learned while living here.

Three little bulbs were together under the soil and one said “I can feel the warmth of the sun.  I hear the birds singing, nature is awakens!  It is time to sprout!!”  So that is just what they did and had beautiful blooms. The wind starting blowing cold air and the snow started coming down and the flowers were bending over.  The other two were angry and one shouts “IDIOT!”  I tell you that story because it is so true.  We don’t start planting till June.  So as I see the bulbs coming up it makes me think of this story how the  weather is so unpredictable here.

That being said… we still are skiing, snowboarding and tubing.  The lines are shorter but at Sugar people are still parking in the lot near the road.  Don’t think you have missed your chance to enjoy the slopes.  

For those who like to hike this time of year, it is chilly but fun.  I tell you that because the guests are having a great time seeing the waterfalls and enjoying the cold air.

Come and see us soon!

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