Bears, Bears, Bears!!

Fannie Mae is the latest bear welcomed at the park in Grandfather Mountain.  She is a 5 year old black bear with a big personality.   She was a “little stressed” when she arrived so they asked volunteers to read to her.  They chose “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and the Bible.  At first she was fearful of people but now when they come to read to her, she gets as close as she can to hear them.

Fannie has a fascination for toys.  She can be found playing with them and doing “Bear Yoga,” which is stretching her legs out and sticking her paws in the air.  She has now gotten accustomed to the diet that Grandfather gives the animals so they will remain healthy. Seems like she has adjusted well.   

New for 22!! Starting in May, on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30am, you can have a  “Paint with the Bears Experience.” You will go to the Nature Museum in the gift shop to get a ticket for this fun painting time with the bears.  You will then meet at the Mildred the Bear statue by 11:25am. where a guide will take you on a short walk to a “behind the scenes” area where they will interact with the bears. Your group will select an assortment of non toxic paint colors and watch your bear walk and paint your picture.  Cost is $50.00 a person in addition to the parks admission. This event takes around 30 minutes,  No photography is permitted.  

They also have a “Meet the Bears” tour for $20.00 starting at 11:00am on Saturdays and Sundays.  You will meet the bears and learn about them, including their names, daily routines, car and history.

As promised, I went to Boone for my next restaurant review. After traveling to Greece, I felll in love with the food so I wanted to try the Greek restaurant in Boone that I had heard so much about.  Well, I wasn’t disappointed at all.  In fact, I even made noises that you make when you love a food.  I was glad I went by myself this time as I was able to enjoy every flavor and bite that I had.  The name of the restaurant is HIGH COUNTRY GREEK.  They are open 11:00am- 8:00pm.  I will be back!  

I enjoyed the Lamb Gyros, pronounced Yee-Roh, the greek french fries (OMG), Meatballs and Whiskey Cake.  I can tell you it was all fabulous!  I brought home the Spanakupita.(spinach and cheese mixture)  Mrs. Brewer  is known for the this dish, while her husband  is known for the meatballs.  Of course they have baklava and other traditional dishes such as moussaka. 

It truly was one on my favorite greek restaurants.  I suggest you give it a try and  you will fall in love with the food and the Brewer family.  The  wait staff is also very friendly and helpful in making the right choices for you.

The weather is finally warming up, the grass is green and the flowers are beginning to grow.  We even have a few rhododendrons that are blooming.  You will enjoy this time of the year in the High Country.  Come and see us, sit on the porch, or enjoy the fire pit located by the river.  Guests are also enjoying the fly fishing in the Elk River located in the back. The river was  stocked last week and the guests and myself are enjoying feeding the fish.  It is fun to see them jump in the air and swim in shallow waters near the bank.  

 Happy Spring!!!


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