Come see the Beautiful Waterfalls

For those that love to hike, I wanted to add a little something special to see… our waterfalls!  While we are not Niagara Falls, we do have beautiful scenery here too.  I thought you might enjoy reading about what we have to offer  in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Boone Fork Trail Falls is on the Blue Ridge Parkway MP271.9. It has lots of “little swimming holes” located on the paths off the trail.  Some have slippery rocks that you can slide down but do so AT YOUR OWN RISK!  The falls are located 25 feet down the trail from the Julian Price picnic area.  About a mile down the trail you will see a trail marker for the detour to Hebron Colony Falls, a great place to play in the water as well.

Elk River Falls is located on 19 E, Elk Park.  this waterfall is about 15 minutes from the Lodge.  It plunges 85 feet and is a very popular falls to visit.  Don’t try to jump off as it is NOT SAFE! There is a beautiful hike at the falls and it has many warning signs about jumping.  The current is very strong.  Many spend hours at the falls and some go in the “swimming holes” and have a great time.

Linville Falls is on the Blue ridge Parkway MP316.4.  This is the tallest waterfalls on the BRP.  There are two main trails that start from the visitor center.  The easy .8 mile trail leads to the upper falls and that takes you to a patio where you can view the falls.  NO SWIMMING.

Lower Pond Creek Falls-Buckeye Recreation Center, Beech Mountain.  This is a one mile trail within the town of Beech Mountain.  It is a great place for a picnic.  

Otter Falls is located in Seven Devils.  This is the newest waterfall trail in the High Country and is a strenuous loop trail that depends 230 feet.  I leads you through a cool mountain forest to the cascades.  

I wanted you to be aware of some free educational programs on the hiking trails.  I understand these are very informative about all of the plants and their surroundings.  

7/15 Grassy Gap Trail, 7/22 Upper Pond Trail, 7/29 Smoke Tree Trail, 8/5 EMO trail. 

The weather is so nice this time of the year.  I saw my first orange and yellow leaves this week so I know fall is not far away.  While the days are still warm, the nights are beginning to be a little cooler.  It is just perfect!

Come and see us soon…. Happy Trails to You!  Bobbie

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