Winter is around the corner in the mountains

What a great fall!  The leaves this year were spectacular and the weather was also.  The guests seemed to really enjoy all that we had to offer in the NC mountains.  I learned something new from some guest and want to share it with you. I have lived here five years and did not know about Arborcrest Gardens in Boone.  I hear that it is just beautiful.  I looked it up and can’t wait to go.

Arborcrest Gardens is a 26 acre botanical garden.  It is described as one of the High Country “hidden gems”nestled at the foot of Howard Knob mountain.  There are 13,000 different species of plants.  Some say it reminds them of a smaller version of the world famous Brochard Gardens in Victoria, Canada.  There are two open air golf carts to choose from.  Limit is 10 members per tour.  Reservations are required.  You can walk throughout the gardens at your own pace or schedule a riding tour and learn history, upkeep and information on the garden plants.  They are open Monday through Friday. I plan to visit when the weather is warmer.  Go to and look at the photos.  

We are now gearing up for Christmas in Banner Elk… This is probably the most wonderful place when everything is decorated.  It looks like Hallmark…..  I just love the way the town goes together and adds their personal charm to the area.  Come see and feel this “Home Town” Christmas.  You will love it!!

The first weekend in December starts all the festivities for the season with singing carols around the Christmas tree, located on Main Street Square.  The weekend is filled with Musical Shows, Breakfast with Santa, Story time, crafts and a night time Christmas Parade that goes to the Park. There you will have a train ride, light show and more.  

Come and see us in the Mountains and enjoy what we have to offer.

Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving… we have so much to be thankful for!!



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