It’s a new season!

It’s a new season!  Come to the mountains and take a trip filled with fresh air and fun.  Pack your outdoor gear and find adventure hiking our trails and mountains, biking or paddling down the rivers

Stopping at Banner Elk’s traffic light doesn’t give you enough time to see all that is offered here.  It’s a great place for adventure and cuisine.

Grandfather Mountain is a 20 minute drive from the Lodge.  This time of year you can walk through the colorful wildflowers.  Blooms start in March but in May you will see our beautiful rhododendrons, magnolias and azaleas.  Walk across the “Mile High Swinging Bridge”,or explore the new museum.  Meet local wildlife including black bear, elk, otters, snakes and a beautiful eagle.  

Grandfather Winery is now open!  I enjoy sitting at a table by the river and enjoying a glass of wine and the solitude the river sounds give you.  The bands are starting up and the food truck is there also.  You would enjoy an afternoon at the winery sitting under the umbrellas eating food and drinking wine.  One thing I will tell you, you need to get there early to get a good table as this has become a very popular place.  

I think I wrote about Arborcrest before, but I want to mention it again as it is quite the place for those who love the outdoors and all of the foliage of the plants and trees.  It is 22 acres of manicured beds.  I will be going and experiencing it in July.  You need to make reservations if you want the tour on the golf cart.  There is a small fee for the tour but if you want to walk the gardens there is no charge.  

I will be attending the benefit for Spirit Ride therapeutic at their Kentucky Derby Party at Elk River Equestrian Barn.  They will be having a band, food and beverage while watching the race.  You can still get tickets by looking up Spirit Ride Kentucky Derby Party.  I have bought my hat and I am ready to have fun and benefit the children.

Speaking of horses, Blowing Rock has a Horse show June 8th.  Cost is $10.00 per day.  This is the oldest outdoor horse show.  It has run through inclement weather, depressions and WW11.  You sit a “stones throw” from the Blue Ridge Park Way.  there will be carriage and horse speeds, pony races, jumpers and costume contests.  No matter your equestrian knowledge, you can enjoy this show.

610 Party Barn will be opening in May and I can’t wait.  The food, the ambiance of the barn and the people that help make your evening special is above par.  Lisa, the general manager, has been involved in managing yachts for twenty years.She  will be there to make sure you have a wonderful dining experience.  The new chef,Hunter, formally from The Inn at Little Pond will be delighting you with his cuisine.  He will be sharing his cooking tips while you enjoy what he has prepared for you.  I always enjoy this type of dining experience as I love new tips on the preparation of food.  Please go to 610 Party Barn website and see the menu’s he has for the week that you may want to come.

One of the things I like about the 610 Party Barn is that it donates money to the community.  Last year they gave out $530,000.00 from the charitable foundation. You make a donation of $1000.00 to join and it is a tax write off for you and benefits those in need.  We join every year and if you are staying with us we will be glad to make a reservation for you.  Reservations go quickly, so you will need to let us know at the time of your calling us to stay.   It is $150.00 per person which includes meal and wine with meal. You may get a drink when you arrive but that will be extra.  

I love sitting by the fire pit inside and having a nice beverage before or after the meal.  You will enjoy the atmosphere and also the wonderful staff.  You will find it is a place you will want to go time and time again.  

As you know, I love telling you about my favorite restaurants in the area at the end of my blog.  I just love great dining and the experience that I have while I am out for the evening. I hope you enjoy knowing about the places I dine and a little bit about the experience that you can have.  

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