The leaves are beautiful

It is that time of year when the green leaves turn to red, yellow, orange and some purple.  It is a beautiful show of color in the mountains so we have many visitors that want to see the fall leaves… I think people are still in awe of what God does as he changes the green into a rainbow of color.  It leaves all of us in awe of the “magic before us” as fall brings change with the season.

What a wonderful October it has been!  We have several new friends and many of our friends that continue to come and see us.  I enjoy catching up on people’s lives and yet so love to hear about our new friends too..  My job has been wonderful because of the people that enter the doors of this Lodge.  I meet so many fascinating guests and am intrigued at what they have done in their lives.  I also am in awe of the people who have gone through so many trials and tribulations and yet have a beautiful attitude and appreciation for life.

We had a movie filmed at the Lodge.  It was a Christian film and the cast and crew were so nice.  One of the cameramen films The Chosen, one Hallmark and one big screen movies. It was fun seeing how movies were made and how much goes into a small segment of the film.  

The Wooly Worm festival is next weekend.  They also have their big festival in Valle Crusis. It is sooooo crowded here but the children and adults too love to race the wooly worms.  We have bands, crafts, rides for children, food trucks and more.

Some of my favorite people, Bonita and DC Smith were honored at the farmers market as they started all of it over 20 years ago,  Bonita is famous for her cakes, jams, salsa and beautiful flowers.  If there is an event going on that someone needs help, you will see this couple doing what needs to be done.  Bonita does the swags for the Lodge for Christmas.  She is famous for her wreaths in the community and even ships all over the United States.

It is getting colder here, but we have plenty of fireplaces to keep you warm… also you can build a fire in the fire pit by the river and enjoy the chill in the air.

Hope to see you soon!


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